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I did my civic duty today and you should do yours. Go vote for Proposition A.

Cast a ballot at the Erath County Courthouse and get yourself one of these cool stickers. I did.

I never miss a chance to vote, but this go-round had me extra anxious to get to the polls and cast a ballot in favor of Proposition A.

That’s the measure that will finally lift Stephenville out of the backwards mentality that prevents businesses from selling alcohol and grown adults from purchasing it in Erath County.

As the situation currently stands, if you would like to sip on a martini after work tonight, but you’re fresh out of Tito’s, you’ll have to head out of town to get a bottle.

But if enough of us vote “For” Prop A, those days are over.

Not only will you be able to keep a fully-stocked bar with everything purchased right here at home, local restaurants and bars will become full service without the hassle of special licensing to mix your favorite cocktails.

Here’s something else, a study by Texas Petition Strategies shows that if Proposition A passes, the area will experience an additional $10 million a year in annual spending (not just on alcohol, but related sales as well), gain nearly 100 new jobs and increase local sales tax revenue by $212,000 a year.

Years ago, I covered the election that overwhelmingly passed the sale of beer and wine in Erath County and I fully believe this measure will pass too.

But you have to head to the polls, people.

Getting this measure on the ballot has taken a lot of time and money. If it fails, we might not get another chance to pass it for many years.

Early voting is now open, and today, I was happy to cast a “For” vote for Proposition A.

It was quick and easy and I was in and out of the Erath County Courthouse in less than five minutes.

If you are a registered voter in Erath County, you can vote for Proposition A as well, and I hope you do.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 2.


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