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Hemingway gets neutered and now neither of us are happy.

This guy is only sleeping because the pain meds kicked in.

I thought I was cut out for being a cat mom, you guys.

Turns out, I might have been mistaken.

The past two days have been a living hell inside the Vanden Berge Funny Farm where a very unhappy cat and adorable kitten have torched our once peaceful existence.

Being a responsible pet owner means you stop the unnecessary breeding, right? So I took Hemingway (Hemi) to the vet on Tuesday for a little neutering.

I don’t think he liked it.

High and lethargic on painkillers, Hemi stayed inside that first night and kept me awake with his angry meowing.

It was like having a colicky newborn.

Then he began acting out. Hemi has always been a sweet, quiet cat, but one day after having his boy-parts snipped, he turned into a full-fledged demon; knocking things off tables and acting like a jerk.

After running a few errands later that morning, I was in desperate need of a nap, so I snuck into my own house and hid in the bedroom so Hemi and Eddie (my extra needy kitten) wouldn’t know I was home.

It felt a little shameful, but I was desperate for some peace and quiet.

A few hours later, things took a turn for the ugly when I learned that Hemi has ringworm.

That stuff is contagious and a quick trip to Dr. Doggett’s office yesterday means that two of us are on a very strong (and expensive) medication.

Now, I’m sitting outside all itchy and scratchy, hoping this rash clears up before we leave for vacation.

Meanwhile, Hemi and Eddie are blissfully unaware of the havoc they have wreaked and are inside sleeping rather peacefully.

Oh, and did I mention that today is my 32nd wedding anniversary?

Before The Husband left for work today, he said, “Happy anniversary, babe. I still love you even though you have ringworm.”

And that was the first time I’ve smiled in two days.


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