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Former Tarleton student works as nurse practitioner at Hamilton Hospital’s Wound Care Clinic.

Jacque Wellborn

Jacque Wellborn always knew she wanted to do one of two things with her life – educate children or help people while working in the medical field.

Turns out, she has done both.

After earning a degree in education from Tarleton State University, Jacque taught school for a few years before heading back to become a registered nurse.

“When I was in nursing school at Tarleton, we got to choose where we wanted to do our last semester of clinicals and Hamilton was my first choice,” Jacque told Beneath the Surface News. “I loved it. I started working there as an aide before I graduated and was hired as soon as I finished school.”

Jacque began her career as a registered nurse with Hamilton Healthcare System working in the Wound Care Clinic before going back to school a third time, earning a master’s degree in science and nursing from the University of Texas at Arlington.

She passed the state boards to become a nurse practitioner in October 2021, and today, she continues to care for patients at the Wound Care Clinic.

“One of the things I love most about Hamilton is that it offers a feeling of community and services people that I know,” she said.

The Wound Care Clinic treats patients with diabetic and arterial wounds as well as ulcers, skin tears, burns, traumatic injuries and non-healing wounds.

Jacque works three days a week at the Wound Care Clinic in Hamilton and two days at the hospital’s family practice clinic in Hico.

When she is not caring for patients, Jacque is focused on family.

She and her husband Troy live in Iredell. The couple has two children; a son Micah (who is also a Tarleton graduate) and daughter Emily.

When it comes to her career in medicine, Jacque says there is no place she would rather be than with Hamilton Healthcare System.

“We are a hidden jewel,” she said. “We have so much to offer like specialty services that a lot of small areas just don’t have.

“And we treat our patients like family.”

You can reach the Wound Care Clinic by calling 254-386-1895.


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