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Former Dublin city employee accused of stealing $13K from city coffers.

Dalinda Aguilar

A 26-year-old Dublin woman is behind bars after an Erath County grand jury indicted her on a charge of theft by a public servant.

Dalinda Aguilar, a former employee with the city’s water department, is accused of stealing $13,000 in incoming payments.

Dublin Police Chief Cameron Ray released a narrative on Wednesday explaining what led to Aguilar’s arrest.

The release states that the money was discovered missing in July.

“During the investigation it was learned that an employee within the city water department had unlawfully appropriated the missing funds and used the funds for personal use,” Ray said.

The funds were recovered and Aguilar was immediately terminated.

Aguilar is being held at the Erath Co0unty Jail. Her bond has not been set.


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