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Finally! Erath County Humane Society’s longest female resident finds her forever home.

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Lacey and her new owner are all smiles.

You guys, I cried a little this morning when Erath County Humane Society’s executive director Serena Wright told me that Lacey has finally been adopted.

Lacey has been at the animal shelter since October 2020 and sticking around so long had the three-year-old Catahoula/Cur mix a little depressed.

After the story about Lacey’s situation first broke on Beneath the Surface News last month, Lacey was adopted by a foster family, but the match didn’t work out.

But this new one appears to be one that was made in heaven.

“The people who adopted her lost their Chihuahua awhile back,” Serena said. “She came up here, met Lacey, fell in love and took her home.”

Since then, Serena has received a ton of happy pictures of Lacey enjoying her new home.

“She is doing great,” she said. “Lacey is very happy!”


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