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Erath County woman accused of starving dozens of animals is released from jail after posting $10K bond.

Updated: Apr 8

Cheryl Barker


A woman accused of animal cruelty turned herself into authorities on Tuesday following a warrant for her arrest.


Cheryl Barker has been charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals and cruelty to livestock after Erath County sheriff’s deputies found more than 100 malnourished dogs, hamsters, rats, reptiles, birds, horses, goats, pigs and a ferret living without adequate food, water or shelter.


Barker was booked into the Erath County Jail but was immediately released after posting a $10,000 bond ($5,000 for each charge).


A hearing on March 22 determined that the animals would remain in the custody of Animal Investigation and Response while permanent homes are found.


During the investigation and seizure, investigators discovered carcasses of dead domesticated and livestock animals in various stages of decomposition on the property.





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