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Erath County treasurer is officially served with petition to have her removed from office.

The Erath County Courthouse

A judge has signed an order to have Erath County treasurer Kimberly Barrier served with a petition aimed at having her removed from office.

County Judge Alfonso Campos filed the petition last week to have Barrier ousted, asserting “incompetency” as the reason behind the move.

Constable Jason Schipper served Barrier with the petition on Monday.

Barrier has hired Stephenville attorney Jim Elliott to represent her. A call to his office for comment on the case has not been returned.

Campos’ petition states that Barrier is not properly reconciling bank accounts, posting money to the county ledgers in a timely fashion or paying benefits for county employees on time, causing some to become delinquent.

The petition also states that commissioners met with Barrier to give her an opportunity to correct the issues, but the problems have persisted.

The move has reportedly generated division inside the Erath County Courthouse with many saying that Campos is being motivated by personal reasons. Others, however, say that Barrier is in over her head and is struggling to keep up with the demands of the job.

Beneath the Surface News has spoken to several people familiar with the case, but so far, no one has been willing to go on the record.

It’s believed that this is the first time in Erath County’s history that an elected official has petitioned to have another elected official removed from office.


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