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Erath County grand jury no-bills Ronald Oddo in shooting of local businessman.

Ronald Oddo

An Erath County grand jury last week opted to not indict a man accused of shooting local businessman Jeff Collins in June.

District Attorney Alan Nash issued the following statement about the case to Beneath the Surface News on Monday.

“In response to your query regarding the status of the State vs. Ronald Oddo case, on Friday, September 22, an Erath County grand jury considered the matter and declined to hand down an indictment of Mr. Oddo in connection with the June 24, 2022 shooting at Mr. Oddo's residence.

“Mr. Oddo's case has been ‘no-billed’ and prosecution will not proceed.

“Use of force cases in Texas are very fact-dependent, and law enforcement and the District Attorney's Office collects and considers all evidence relevant to the use of force in question.”

Nash said he could not talk about the reason behind the grand jury’s decision or release any documents related to the proceeding.

In a telephone call on Monday, Collins said he is aware that the case against Oddo has been dropped and declined to comment further.

Collins, owner of AA Water Systems, was at Oddo’s residence on June 24 to check a water softener when a confrontation between the men took place.

Collins said that as he attempted to leave, Oddo pulled out a gun and shot him once in the stomach.

After driving himself to Texas Health Stephenville, Collins was airlifted to Fort Worth where he underwent extensive surgery and a lengthy hospital stay.


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