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Don’t get scammed: Co-owner of TXP Solar says fraudulent companies are spewing false information.

TXP Solar recently installed solar at this beautiful home in Stephenville.

Jake Smith, co-owner of TXP Solar in Stephenville, said scammers are playing on people’s fear of rising energy costs and scamming them out of thousands of dollars.

“I talked with two people just last week who were given blatantly false information in order to close a sale,” Jake told Beneath the Surface News. “These scams are common due to the relative ease that people can get approved for loans.

“By the time people realize they are paying much, much more for a product that isn't working as promised, the culprits have moved on. In some cases we are talking tens of thousands of dollars in hidden fees and payments.”

Jake said fraudulent companies tend to prey on the elderly and people with fixed incomes.

“In my opinion it's a huge problem and one that affects the credibility of honest solar companies like ours,” Jake said. “These companies just canvass the neighborhood door-knocking and a lot times they don’t get proper licensing from the city.”

TXP Solar is the only solar company based in Stephenville.

“Someone came to my neighbor’s house and tried to sell them solar,” Jake said. “They told her they could save her money, but her home is completely shaded, so solar won’t work for her.

“They also said she would get a 30% tax refund if she went solar and that’s false.”

Jake said the government does offer a 30 percent tax credit – not refund - to people that install solar, but will never issue money to a consumer.

“There is no circumstance where the government will issue you a check to install solar, but that’s what these companies are telling people. And once they get them locked into a solar loan, there is nothing they can do.”

Solar power’s popularity is on the rise and if you’re interested in a free consultation to find out if it’s right for you, call Jake Smith with TXP Solar at 254-631-2814.

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