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Do you have pride in your city? Then vote ‘YES’ to props A, B, C, D and E.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Stephenville's Rec Hall

To the citizens of Stephenville:

Those who are fortunate enough to live in Stephenville take pride in being able to call this town our home.

Politics and other issues that have the potential to shape the future of our city always create division and call for robust conversations, but the issue we all will decide on May 1 is simple.

Do you take pride in the current state of the city’s rec hall, library, senior citizen center, downtown, Belknap, First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, Cage and Swan streets?

If you are content with those facilities, then you should vote against the bond propositions.

But if you believe we can be better; that Stephenville deserves better, please join us in voting “yes.”

We are proud of the people who live here, the businesses that shape and support our community, the city workers and community volunteers who spend countless hours to make Stephenville the best it can be.

After almost 10 years of serving the citizens, I wish I had documented the countless hours spent trying to devise a plan to fund these projects, but every year, the current needs of the city take priority.

We agree as our real property valuations continue to rise and the city collects more sales tax revenue, we have more money, but just like in our personal lives so has the cost of doing business.

No one wants to raise taxes or be burdened by debt, but we reach a point when we must take a stance and make a decision.

On May 1, the Pendleton family asks you to join us in voting YES to Propositions A-E.


Brady and Lisa Pendleton


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