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Despite criminal allegation, Paul Tyus will be listed as candidate for sheriff on November’s ballot.

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

A man whose bid to become Erath County’s next sheriff has been overshadowed by allegations of criminal activity will still have his name listed on the November ballot.

Deputy voter registrar Lana Stevens told Beneath the Surface News that Paul Tyus’ name has already been printed on the ballot, which can be viewed on the Erath County Clerk's elections page.

Tyus, 50, is running as an Independent against Sheriff Matt Coates, a Republican.

Stevens said Tyus submitted his election petition with more than 500 signatures by the state’s Aug. 14 deadline.

“When the petition is handed over to our office, our job is to make sure that the names include eligible voters who live in Erath County,” Stevens said. “We have to accept the petition at face value, and at that time, it appeared that he had enough signatures (to make the ballot).”

But when election officials ran across names of deceased residents, others who no longer live in the county and signatures that appeared to be forged, the office of District Attorney Alan Nash was notified.

Paul Tyus


According to the official complaint, the names of two deceased residents appear on the petition and 56 others told investigator Edward Gordon that their names had been forged.

The 58-page petition includes Tyus’ signature at the end of each page swearing that he witnessed every signature.

Tyus has been charged with fraudulent use of identifying information and tampering with a government document.

Nash is asking anyone with information about the case or others who may be involved to contact his office at 254-965-1462.


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