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Covid Act Now says Erath County is under ‘severe’ threat of Covid, averaging one death per day.

A reader of Beneath the Surface News introduced me to a website, Covid Act Now, that shows a comprehensive threat level of the disease by counties across the country.

The last update on Sept. 9 listed Erath County’s risk level as “severe.”

“Over the last week, Erath County, Texas has averaged 44 new confirmed cases per day,” the website states, adding that there were 16 local hospitalizations with five in the ICU.

Even more disturbing is the number of deaths the site reported.

Over the last week, Erath County, TX has averaged 1.1 daily deaths,” the website states.

The site states that 33.9% of the county’s population has received at least one does of the vaccine and 28.4% are fully vaccinated.

The Act Now Coalition is a nonprofit organization established by a group of volunteers in March 2020 that provides timely data about Covid across the country.

According to the website, the risk level in Dallas and Tarrant counties is “very high,” while Hood, Parker and Palo Pinto are listed as “severe.”

The site is easy and simple to use.

You should check it out.


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