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Covid-19 blamed for another local death as new cases surge.

As another wave of Covid-19 surges across the country, Erath County appears to be following suit, and now the virus is being blamed for another local death.

Stephenville Health Authority Dr. Kelly Doggett could not provide any information about the patient due to privacy restrictions, but told Beneath the Surface News that "things are going in the wrong direction.”

“Tarrant County is on the verge of being overrun like El Paso," Dr. Doggett said. "We are in worse shape than we’ve ever been and our per capita infectivity rate is higher than Tarrant County’s.”

On Thursday, Erath County officials reported the highest one-day total to date; a whopping 40 new cases diagnosed on Wednesday with 25 of those in Stephenville, one in Dublin and 14 in the county.

The number of active cases has reached 248 with 57 total hospitalizations.

“It’s looking like it will get much worse before it gets better,” Dr. Doggett said. “There is hope on the horizon with the vaccine news, but that’s months away.

“It could be a long winter.”

Gov. Greg Abbott has said there will not be another shutdown in Texas.


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