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Cheerful Heart is ready for fall and you are going to love these scented fire starters.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I had planned to stop into Cheerful Heart in Stephenville for just a minute.

I was running dangerously low on my bottle of Vitamin Berry Facial Tonic (made by Farmhouse Fresh) and needed to grab a new one before heading to Fort Worth for the night.

But my plan for a quick pitstop zoomed right out the door the second I opened it.

A pair of friendly looking ghosts perched atop a fall-laden table were staring straight at me; beckoning me to do a little shopping.

So, I did.

And you guys…

Cheerful Heart is ready – and I mean READY – for fall!

Think autumn-inspired candles, pillows, scarecrows and flowers, but the thing I am most excited about are the scented fire starters I found.

We make a fire at home nearly every night when it starts to cool off and I couldn’t resist picking up a box of fresh cut pine. You’ll find other gorgeous scents like redwood forest, whiskey woods, s’mores and citronella.

Each box contains 10 fire starters for only $15.99 and I figured that was a pretty inexpensive way to make my house smell like a giant Christmas tree.

Browsing through all of the gorgeous things made me want to wrap myself up in a scarf and sip on a pumpkin spiced latte.

If you’re as ready as I am to usher in a new season, stop by Cheerful Heart and you’ll be craving a pumpkin-spiced something before you know it!


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