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Chad Decker talks about the importance of the city's bond and what it could mean for local business.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Chad and Carie Decker

To the citizens of Stephenville:

It has been my honor and a blessing to be part of a great community for the past 27 years.

Carie and I have raised our girls here and built a successful business in this great town. With that being said, our Stephenville Hard Eight provided us with an opportunity to move into other markets.

The city of Roanoke (just north of Fort Worth) is one of those communities.

When we were recruited into town by its economic development director, we were informed of a downtown renovation project that would happen.

Since Stephenville now has the opportunity to go through a similar transformation with the same architect, I feel a need to shine some light on the importance of the upcoming bond and what passing it could mean for Stephenville and its local businesses.

The work they did in Roanoke was a game changer.

Its citizens now enjoy a much nicer place to gather with friends and family to eat, shop and entertain.

Speaking on behalf of the business owners in that area, I can tell you we had no idea it would impact our businesses in such positive ways.

There will, of course, be some necessary inconveniences for those of us who work around the development stages of the project, but I can tell you firsthand that the rewards of the completed project will be well worth it.

As a resident of Stephenville - the best city in Texas - I ask that you get behind the bond proposals and vote YES in May.

Together, we can make the city we all love, a better place to raise our families and enjoy life.


Chad Decker and family


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