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Celebrate the season without breaking your diet with these healthy candied apple slices.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


How ‘bout them apples? They are in season and everywhere.

Inspired by fall festival feels and the Texas State Fair, this healthy version of the candied apple is absolutely delicious.



· Large apples, you can use any variety of your favorite eating apple (amount depends on how many you are making)

· Bag of Lilly's Semi-Sweet or Dark Chocolate Chips (dairy-free, sugar-free, stevia sweetened)

· Chopped pecans, walnuts, pistachios, pepitas, chocolate chips (optional)

· Candy sticks or popsicle sticks


1. Chop nuts for dip topping

2. Slice large apples as picture shows

3. Insert sticks into apple slices

4. Heat chocolate chips on a double boiler (or pan with another pan of water under). Microwave is an option but slow time to prevent burning chocolate.

5. Dip apple slices in chocolate

6. Immediately coat with topping

7. Let dry on parchment paper

Kerry is a functional and integrative registered dietitian/nutritionist and life coach for women. She teaches her clients ways to get their body in balance naturally. Kerry reduces the confusion associated with trying to find the answers in traditional healthcare. Pulling from comprehensive individual consultations and specialized testing, Kerry uncovers what you need to start feeling better now and for good. The end result is a body that functions and supports you better so you can live your life with joy and vibrancy again. Kerry offers virtual private consultations and programs from her home-base between Dallas and Fort Worth.


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