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Buzz kill: If flies are ruining your patio time, head to Dowell Hardware for a can (or 3) of this.

There are several things I can’t live without during the summer: Coppertone 50, Dior lip maximizer, Sunday Beach bubble bath and a hat to keep the sun from giving me more wrinkles.

But if I had to give up all of those luxuries in exchange for one thing, it would be this: Ace Flying Insect Killer.

(Stop rolling your eyes.)

That can of aerosol is like liquid gold at our house where flies like to settle in to raise their families under our back porch.

Flies have destroyed more than one glass of chardonnay while I’ve attempted to enjoy a little me time on the patio.

But no more.

Once I discovered that handy can of aerosol last summer at Dowell Ace Hardware in Stephenville, I’ve become a fly-killing machine.

And I like it.

A few liberal sprays to the back door, patio furniture and brick pillars, and voila, The Husband and I are back to dining al fresco.

We spent this past weekend getting our patio ready for summer and you better believe I stocked up on fly spray.

But I didn’t take it all so if you hurry to Dowell Hardware you can probably still score a can – and say goodbye to those pesky flies for good.

Happy spraying!


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