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Buy peanuts, get toilet paper: Bull Nettle to host drive-thru bar Saturday

Bull Nettle will host a drive-thru bar from 2-5 p.m. Saturday.


Bull Nettle knows you need something to smile about.

That’s why it’s offering a safe way to have a little fun on Saturday.

From 2-5 p.m. residents can drive through a makeshift bar to purchase peanuts, beer and Bull Nettle caps, tumblers and koozies.

Tumblers will sell for $20.

“We are completely shut down so this is a way to help us keep the business going and offer a little support to our bartenders and wait staff that are out of work,” owner Court Cole said. “People have to stay in their vehicle so they can’t get out and visit, but this is an opportunity for us to see our regulars. We miss them.”

Peanuts will be sold by the pound for $3.

“Anyone who buys a pound of peanuts will get a free roll of toilet paper,” Cole said. “We want to have a little fun with this.”

Caps and tumblers will sell for $20 and koozies are $5. Beer will be sold by the bottle or six-pack.


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