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Buckle your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff; Netflix’s Manifest is your next binge-worthy series.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I was lying on a comfy table at Branded Beauty Bar while its owner Blazi Weippert worked on my eyelash extensions.

When the topic of what to watch on Netflix came up, we discovered that we have similar tastes in drama.

Then she asked, “Are you watching Manifest? Sam and I are addicted! It’s so good!”

Manifest? I had never even heard of it.

Later that night, The Husband and I tuned in, and within 15 minutes, we were hooked.


The first episode in the series caused me to have a little anxiety.

The opening scene involves the Stone family preparing to board a flight home from vacation when a flight attended announces that the airline is offering $400 vouchers to passengers willing to take a later flight.

Three of those family members take advantage of the deal and board Montego Air Flight 828.

It’s a bumpy, angst-filled ride, but when they finally land a few hours later in New York City, things get even scarier.

The passengers discover that five years have elapsed since boarding that flight, and while their family and friends have mourned their presumed deaths, they have also moved on.

As loved-ones work to recover from the shock of their unexpected return, passengers work to catch up with all that has changed.

They grapple with death, lost love, sickness and, oh, the pesky truth about what really happened to Flight 828.

Then there are those “callings” the passengers begin experiencing.

Despite the fact that Manifest is a top-trender on Netflix, from what I am reading, the series has been canceled after three seasons.

But who cares?! We are having a ball watching season one and can’t wait to found out what happens next.

If you need a new summer binge-watch that has high-drama, suspense, romance and a little sci-fi, Manifest is for you.

Check it out!


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