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Both sides rest in Barrier hearing; judge to make ruling on Monday.

What was expected to be a one or two-day hearing to decide if Erath County treasurer Kimberly Barrier should be removed from office ended in a third day of testimony and still no decision.

After both sides rested their cases late Friday afternoon, Judge Stephen Ellis announced that he would review the evidence over the weekend and announce his decision on Monday.

The hearing stemmed from a petition filed by county judge Alfonso Campos in May seeking Barrier’s removal from office.


The defense began its case Friday morning by calling Erath County tax assessor Jennifer Carey to take the stand.

Barrier’s attorney Ryan Taylor asked Carey if she believed county auditor Kent Reeves had set up Barrier for failure.

Carey answered by stating that she believed the larger problem involved the county’s software conversion that didn’t go as planned.

Barrier testified earlier in the week that when the county went through a software conversion, incorrect numbers were pulled into the new system, causing her to fall behind in bank reconciliations.

Carey said that balancing the books would have been difficult since the conversion didn’t transfer “cleanly.”

“She was balancing against books that were incorrect and I don’t how you do that when you have ever-changing numbers,” Carey said.

Carey also said she believes Barrier is “intelligent” and “competent” and believes the ongoing conflict between Barrier and Campos is making it difficult for them to resolve problems.

District clerk Wanda Greer said on the stand that she believes the issues that prompted the lawsuit should have been resolved by sitting at a table and “hashing it out.”

“This is very embarrassing” for Erath County, Greer said.

Asked if she thought Barrier was competent, Greer replied, “very much so.”

I plan to be in the courtroom when Judge Ellis announces his decision on Monday.

Stay tuned.


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