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Bomb threat written on school’s bathroom wall; police ‘working diligently’ to identify suspect.

Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris

A bomb threat written on a bathroom wall at Henderson Junior High School Thursday ignited a powerful response from law enforcement and school officials to evacuate students and staff from the campus and search the building.

Now, Stephenville Police Chief Dan Harris said the priority is to identify the messenger.

"We don’t have a suspect at this time, but we are working diligently to find one,” Harris told Beneath the Surface News.

Students were out of class for a teacher work day on Friday, but that’s not slowing down the investigation.

"Our detectives worked late last night and were back at it first thing this morning,” Harris said.

Thursday’s scare began shortly before noon when a student saw the bathroom message and alerted a teacher.

Police were called immediately and the response was swift.

“Any time there is a threat to our children, it’s all-hands on deck. Everyone responds, including myself, command staff, patrol and detectives,” Harris said. “Our first priority was to evacuate and get the kids and teachers to a safe location.”

The ATF Bomb Squad and K-9 were called to search the buildings, and when nothing was found, the scene was cleared and students were allowed to return to class.

But the incident is far from over.

“We do believe that it was a student – or more than one student - that made the threat and we plan to find them,” Harris said. “Our schools have great video systems, which the detectives are using in the investigation.”

So stay tuned.


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