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Body builder opens Champs Vitamin Shop in Stephenville

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Garrett and Amber Robison


Garrett Robison has been helping people reach their fitness goals for years and now he is set to open the doors to his new store – Champs Vitamin Shop - on the South Loop in Stephenville today.

“I have been a bodybuilder and coach for six years,” Robison told me. “Our niche is specializing in performance supplements.”

Inside Champs Vitamin Shop on the South Loop in Stephenville.

Champs carries a wide variety of elite performance brands like Redcon1, Dymatize, Man Sports, Axe and Sledge.

“Customers can expect an array of products ranging from pre-workouts, blood flow enhancement and recovery products to general wellness, protein powder and testosterone boosters,” he said.

Champs also sells a line of frozen, prepackaged meals - Clean Eatz – customers can pre-order or purchase on-site.

“You can come in, buy a meal and enjoy it here,” Robison said. “We have plenty of seating and you can watch TV or use our Wi-Fi while you eat.”

The meals are $8.50 each and include entrees like sweet-n-sour chicken, keto Swedish meatballs, keto buffalo chicken, cilantro lime beef, keto pad thai and pepperoni chicken parm.

Robison, 28, grew up in Comanche and has lived in Stephenville with his wife Amber for the past eight years.

He said he became interested in fitness when he gave up his drums at 22.

“I used to be a drummer and when I gave that up, I needed a hobby so I joined a gym,” he said. “The obsessive-compulsive part of me took over and I had to learn everything I could.”

Before opening Champs, Robison worked as a personal trainer for four years at The Fitness Center.

Champs is open from 10 a.m.–7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


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