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Beneath the Book Club: Mayluna is an epic tale of great love, loss and the power of secrets that left me with a hangover.


I have a confession to make.


I received an advanced copy of Mayluna by Kelley McNeil prior to its Feb. 1 release and read it in less than 24 hours.

I loved it so much that, even though I had already finished it, I listed it as one of Beneath the Book Club’s February choices because I didn’t want you guys to miss it.


Our fellow book clubbers, however, voted to read In Five Years by Rebecca Serle instead.


And that’s great because I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I can’t stop thinking about Mayluna, an incredible story that left me with a book hangover for days.


If you need something to read between now and our March pick, get your hands on a copy.


Mayluna is a No. 1 bestseller in Contemporary Women’s Fiction, and once you finish it, you’ll understand why.


It isn’t a happily-ever-after tale; it’s a story of raw young love and grownup decisions with an ending that you’ll never see coming.


The beginning is a little confusing and slightly slow, but stick with it.


You’ll meet Evie and her two grown children who are reeling from the recent loss of their father.


After the funeral, the kids discover an old photo of their mother and that’s when Evie sits down and tells them a story they never knew.


She reaches back into the 1990s, a time when she was a 25-year-old journalist who got the chance to interview an up-and-coming rock band – Mayluna - and her life-changing connection to its lead singer, Carter Wills.


As the story unfolds, you’ll be treated to an entertaining and epic tale of fate, love and how one secret can change everything.


Mayluna is never going to be considered literary art, but this book is beautifully written with words that left me teary-eyed: “Love comes in many forms… I had been gifted with the mating of souls with one man and a lifetime of loving companionship with another. A woman is blessed to experience either of these in her life, yet I had been given both and was profoundly grateful.

“Along my journey, I had discovered a powerful truth - the one we love the most in life might not be the one we love the best.”

You’ll understand when you read it.

And you should.

Just keep a box of tissues close.





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Holly M
Holly M
Feb 17

I just finished this novel. It gutted me on so many levels. Having had my own hay-day in the 90's, I can honestly say that this book hit me so hard where I live. Being roughly the same age as Evie, reading her journey through her youth, married years, mother years, and loss years, touched me deeply as an older woman. I would have enjoyed it if I read it at any other age, but the privilege of wisdom we both share makes the experience that much more rich. In other words, both Evie and me have been through some S@&%. We both have a crazy connection to music, and more specifically, a musician. The picture Kelley McNeil paints, the…

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