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Beneath the Book Club discussion: In Five Years by Rebecca Serle.


I loved this book from the very beginning.


Author Rebecca Serle gives us immediate insight into the practicality of Dannie Kohan, the main character of In Five Years, in the first few pages.


As someone who also does a lot of weird counting, I could appreciate Dannie’s life by numbers.


I enjoyed the tale of her solid, albeit boring relationship with David, but was sort of sad when she dumped him.


A magical glimpse into her future that included a handsome mystery man, lots of passion and a different ring on her finger was when her life – and this story - took an unexpected turn.

Readers will also meet Danny’s best friend Bella - a sweet and fragile young woman I couldn’t help but fall in love with.


Then Bella falls in love with Aaron, and that’s when things for Dannie get stranger.


In Five Years revolves around this small set of characters, their incredible interaction and the unexpected paths their lives will take.


There is a lot of love inside these pages, which made it perfect for February’s read, but there was grief too.


In Five Years was the first book I’ve read by Serle, but it won’t be the last.


Now, let’s talk about it.


1.     Would you recommend this book to someone? Why or why not?


2.     What kind of reader would most enjoy this book?


3.     How thought-provoking did you it?


4.     Did you highlight any passages?

5.     Did you enjoy this author’s writing style?


6.     Which character did you find the most intriguing?


7.     What was the most satisfying or disappointing part of this story?


8.     By the end of the book were you rooting for Dannie and Aaron?


9.     What do you believe happened to Dannie after the novel ended?


10.  Rate this book on a scale of 1 to 10.







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