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Barrier fights removal from office, citing 'personal agenda' and 'abuse of power.'

The Erath County Courthouse

Erath County treasurer Kimberly Barrier is fighting an attempt to have her removed from office.

Barrier’s attorneys Jim Elliott and Ryan Taylor filed a motion in District Court on Monday asking for the dismissal of a petition filed by Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos seeking her removal due to “incompetency.”

Beneath the Surface News has obtained a copy of the latest motion, which states that Campos filed the petition incorrectly and has overstepped his authority.

“There is no law which permits an elected official, including Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos in his elected capacity, to petition the District Court for the removal of another elected official,” it states. “There is no basis for Judge Campos to have filed the petition except to use the power and authority of his office to carry out a personal agenda.”

Campos’ petition alleges that Barrier is not properly reconciling bank accounts, posting money to the county ledgers in a timely fashion or paying benefits for county employees on time, causing some to become delinquent.

But Monday’s motion refutes those claims and asks the court to require proof of the allegations.

“The allegations of Erath County Judge Alfonso Campos point the finger in the wrong direction and fails to paint a complete picture,” the motion states, adding that Campos’ actions “constitute an abuse of power.”

In addition to asking for the petition to be dismissed, Barrier is also seeking attorney and court costs associated with the lawsuit.

Barrier was in commissioners court on Monday to give her monthly report.

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Grieg Mayberry
24 mai 2021

I'm not accusing Mrs Barrier of wrong doing because I'm just an outsider looking in. One of the problems I see in local government all the way up to the federal government is whenever an employee is derelict of duty, there seems to be no recourse to correct the problem. It seems to me, being employed by the government is a cradle to grave position. About all that person needs to do is show up to pick up your check. I do not know who is at fault in this case. I just wish there was more accountability within the American court system.

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