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Baby, it’s cold outside! And this tomato soup is as good as anything you’ll find in a restaurant.

I was at a nice Fort Worth restaurant for brunch not long ago, and staring at me from the menu was a tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich combo.

I was dressed up and probably should have ordered something that didn’t involve slurping, like duck or foie gras, but I’m a sucker for a good tomato soup.

I ordered it that day and it didn’t disappoint.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I’ve been thinking about that soup a lot, so imagine my excitement when I found this pretty bottle of Mom’s tomato basil soup made by Fischer and Wieser at Venture19 in Stephenville.

I kept that bottle in my pantry until a couple of weeks ago when a cold snap had me warming it on the stove for dinner. (And, of course, grilled cheese sandwiches were on hand for dipping.)

And you guys…it was delish.

I mean it was so delish that I raced back to Venture19 the following week to stock up on more.

This is not that watery tomato soup you get in a can; this one is thick, rich and creamy with itty bitty pieces of tomato you can feel with every bite.

The Husband and I are soup snobs and Mom’s tomato and basil is as good as anything you will find in a restaurant.

With cold weather sticking around, another bottle is on our Sunday night menu.

We are going to dip cheesy sandwiches into a hot bowl of this deliciousness and start the new season of Yellowstone.

Is it weird that I am already looking forward to it?


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