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As we move into summer, housing and land availability in Erath County is expected to improve.

Updated: Oct 12, 2021


While inventory is still extremely low, single-family residential listings have increased for the third straight month, up approximately 22% from February to March.

That's great news for buyers who have had a hard time finding exactly what they are looking for, and once they do, have to compete with multiple offer situations.

It's still a strong seller's market, but this can help buyers by reducing at least some of the leverage sellers have had.

Homes are not lasting long on the market, typically only a couple of days, but if the inventory continues to rise into the summer months buyers can expect some help as the market neutralizes.

While there are many factors to consider when looking at land prices, every type of acreage has continued to increase in price in Erath County.

Some of these factors include size, location, condition and usage. Many buyers looking for smaller acreage (5-10 acres) may be in luck soon as investors that have bought some of the larger plots of land begin to put them on the market in smaller tracts.

Be on the lookout for these places if you've been in the market for small acreage.

All numbers are taken from the North Texas Real Estate Information Service website ( Numbers and statistics do not include off-market properties.


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