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As filming for Bass Reeves ends in Stephenville, Lori Mayfield shares her experience as an ‘extra.’

One of the "selfies" Lori Bramlett Mayfield sent to Legacy Casting.

Lori Bramlett Mayfield calls it the chance of a lifetime.

The Erath County resident was cast as an extra in Taylor Sheridan’s new series, Lawmen: Bass Reeves, which was partially filmed in downtown Stephenville in May.

“It was so much fun,” Lori told Beneath the Surface News on Thursday, the day after filming wrapped.

Lori took part in the full three days of filming around the Erath County courthouse square and literally rubbed elbows with one of its biggest stars Dennis Quaid.

“Dennis Quaid was to my right in the hanging gallows scene and I could touch him with my shoulder,” she said. “He was very friendly and funny, always cutting jokes.”

In fact, the entire experience – from casting to production – was incredibly positive and one she said she will never forget.

“They fed us breakfast and lunch every day and everyone was just so nice,” she said.

During the filming in Stephenville, Lori was cast as a “town folk” with a “Fort Worth look.”

She is prohibited from talking about the plot, but did say the scenes shot in Stephenville will be part of the series’ first episodes.

(The gallows scene with Quaid is likely to air in episode five or six.)

Lori was also filmed walking in front of the courthouse and talking to a boy selling corn. In another she was filmed talking to a fur salesman.

(Look for her wearing a blue cape.)

“We filmed for hours and hours and hours in the street in front of the courthouse,” she said. “We rehearsed the scenes many times so the extras were ready when the star characters arrived.”

Stephenville’s last day of filming was Wednesday and it was a long one.

“We filmed four different scenes that day,” she said. “I had to check in at 7 a.m. at the tents at City Park and filming didn’t end until around 9:30 that night.”

And her experience with Bass Reeves still isn’t over.

Lori is playing a saloon girl in Strawn and will resume filming there next week.

David Oyelowo who plays Bass Reeves was also on set in Stephenville.

“He was more serious and quiet, but he had smiling eyes,” she said.

And Taylor Sheridan?

Well, if he was around, she never saw him.


Lori had no prior acting experience, but when her friend Jennifer Monroe encouraged her to apply as an extra with Legacy Casting, she decided to give it a shot.

“I had to fill out an extensive questionnaire and send in a couple of selfies,” she said.

They asked for her measurements and if she knows how to hula hoop (she does), jump rope (another yes) or throw fire (that was a hard no.)

(Apparently, there is some type of carnival scene that will be shot in Strawn.)

Anyway, a week after she applied, Lori received an email saying that she had been chosen.

“I’m so grateful that Legacy Casting gave me this opportunity; I had the time of my life!” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work and I was exhausted, but it was so worth it!”

NOTE: Lori wasn’t the only Stephenville resident cast in the series. Jake Freels (he was also in the gallows scene), Dr. Dwayne Shafer and Evan Hamilton took part in the filming as well.

I hope to score an interview with them before the series airs later this year.


May 09, 2023

Are they still looking for extras


May 05, 2023

It has been an exciting time for everybody. Lori is a star!

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