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Anatomy of a perfect day: Let Dowell Ace Hardware get your patio all dolled up for spring.

Spring fever has officially arrived at the Vanden Berge’s.

We spent Saturday morning browsing through the nursery and garden section at Dowell Ace Hardware in Stephenville and picked up everything we needed to finally get rid of those winter blues.

On our spring shopping list: Weed killer, fertilizer, bug spray, new water hose, window cleaner, potting soil and flowers.

Lots and lots of flowers. (See the post I made Sunday on the Beneath the Surface News Facebook page.)

A few hours later, the flowers were planted, the windows sparkled and the lawn had everything it needed to get nice and green.

Then we spent the rest of the day by the swimming pool. It was the perfect day.

If you’re dealing with a bad case of spring fever like we are, head to Dowell Ace Hardware for the cure.

And watch for a story this week about my absolute favorite must-have product I stocked up on while I was there.

It might surprise you.


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