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After weather delay, another shipment of the Covid vaccine is heading to Erath County.

The fight against Covid-19 is resuming after a wild week of freezing temperatures halted testing and vaccinations.

Erath County emergency management coordinator Susan Driskill said there have been no new cases diagnosed locally since last week’s bad weather.

But the latest numbers reflected through Feb. 12 remained relatively low with 89 active cases and two hospitalizations.

And here’s another bit of good news: Stephenville’s health authority Dr. Kelly Doggett said he expects the vaccination center to reopen soon.

“Shipments were delayed last week due to weather and will resume this week. In addition, we will begin to receive second doses,” Doggett told Beneath the Surface News. “Most facilities that do Covid testing were closed last week due to weather conditions or lack of electricity and water.”

He went on to say that as cases trend downward, residents should remain vigilant.

“This is not the time to relax as restrictions on businesses loosen due to decreased hospitalizations,” he said. “When this has happened in the past, we’ve seen spikes in the number of cases. We have the vaccine now and that should help but it will probably be closer to 2022 before everyone has an opportunity to be vaccinated.

“We must continue to wear masks, maintain social distancing and wash our hands. There is concern due to the rise in new variants. We can’t relax and go back to life as normal just yet.”


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