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A spoonful of fall; Blue Bell releases a limited-edition ice cream. And it’s freaking good!

The moment I heard that Blue Bell had churned out a new fall-inspired ice cream – Salted Caramel Brownie – I set out on a mission to find it.

I told myself it was for research purposes, but let’s be honest, I really just wanted a bite.

So on Monday, I started my quest to locate a pint (I figured anything more would turn bad).

I struck out at HEB, but I scored at Walmart in Stephenville, where, perched cheerfully in the freezer section among a dozen other Blue Bell flavors were pint and 1/2-gallon-size tubs of salted caramel goodness.

My heart soared and I snatched up two pints like my life depended on it. (One was for my mom in case you’re being judgey).

I made a big thing of unveiling the little pint to The Husband after dinner that evening, and after that first bite, I regretted not getting the larger one.

It’s a delicious spoonful of fall; creamy vanilla with little chunks of brownie in a salted caramel swirl that will make you sigh.

Fall officially arrives on Thursday, and if you’re looking for a way to ring in the season, a bowl of Salted Caramel Brownie ice cream will do the trick.


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