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A piece of Texas history is for sale in Stephenville; the opportunities for development are endless.

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The Beech House

Remember the little rock house on Tarleton Street that used to be a cozy restaurant called the Dinner Bell?

It was one of our favorite places to eat when we first moved to Stephenville many moons ago.

The Dinner Bell has long since closed and now the property where it’s located - 252 Tarleton Street – is for sale by owners Shannon and Kim Hammon.

The couple has owned the property for the past 10 years and said the decision to sell simply has to do with allowing someone else to come in and turn the historical structures in to something unique.

In fact, rumor has it that a potential buyer is considering turning it into a brewery.

At this point, however, no one has made an official offer on the property, which comes with a $595,000 price tag, but Ashleigh Feuerbacher, vice president of the Stephenville Economic Development Authority, said she fully expects the property to draw in a buyer sooner rather than later.

After all, another big piece of Stephenville’s history sits on the property – the Cornelia Graves School House.

“This is one of our oldest properties that has a charm that’s irreplaceable,” Ashleigh told Beneath the Surface News. “You can’t recreate history - it will never be again.

“Cornelia Graves was a trailblazer. And when I walk into the old Dinner Bell and see those wood floors and ceiling heights, I think about the purpose they served and how that’s a history lesson in itself.”

Ashleigh toured the property along with a consultant working on the city’s revitalization plan.

“He sees this as one of the prime locations for renovation in our downtown revitalization plan and believes the opportunities are endless,” Ashleigh said.

One of the property’s biggest selling points is that it’s located within a short walking distance from the historic downtown square, the Bosque River Trail and Tarleton State University.

The property is listed with Fort Worth real estate agent Alexandra Timmons who is also a family friend.

If you are interested in inquiring about this special piece of history, call Alexandra at 817-682-0190.


• The rock building, known as the Beech House, was built in 1857, making it the oldest building in Stephenville.

• The house was home to James Beech, an early miller and liquor dealer.

• Beech was born in England in 1846, and by 1878, he owned and operated James Beech City Flour Mills and Cotton Gin, located about ¼ mile southeast of the Erath County Courthouse Square.

• The Cornelia Graves School was built in 1951.

• The school is named after Cornelia Graves who taught African-American students in Stephenville from 1907-1926.


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