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A great summer read: The Housekeeper reminds us that you can’t invite just anyone into your home.

Updated: Oct 25, 2021


Hi! It’s me again and I just finished another book.

One of these days I am going to write about one I didn’t love. I’m going to tell you not to read it. To try something else; something from a different author.

But not this time.

This latest book was another winner; a suspense-filled read that had me flipping the pages in the middle of the night.

It’s called The Housekeeper, and I stumbled upon it while searching for summer reads on Amazon.

I decided to give it a try because I found the Kindle edition for $3.99.

And I’ll buy anything for $3.99.

It was the second book I have read by author Natalie Barelli (the first was The Accident and that’s good too).

Her latest page-turner is a psychological thriller that puts Claire, a troubled woman with a desire to get even, inside the home of Hannah Wilson, an unsuspecting wife and mother with troubles of her own.

Oblivious to Claire’s true identity, Hannah hires her as a live-in housekeeper.

What ensues is a whole lotta thrilling fun you won’t be able to put down.

The Housekeeper is the perfect book to enjoy poolside.

Just don’t forget the Pina Colada!


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