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4 decades of music: Madonna’s Celebration Tour landed in Dallas last night and I was there for it.

Updated: Apr 1


I was a child of the 80s, which means I was heavily influenced by two things growing up in Southern California: Valley Girls and Madonna.


Obnoxious, I know, but I think I turned out ok despite my habit of using words like “tubular” and “grody” and wearing lace gloves as a kid.


So you better believe that when Madonna announced a stop in Dallas for her Celebration Tour, I scooped up two tickets faster than you can say “rad.”


I was willing to pay almost anything to see my favorite icon on stage, and since she has now matured to 65, I thought, well, time is of the essence.


Tickets in hand, The Husband and I made our way to the American Airlines Center last night, and no, I didn’t dress in costume, but plenty of others did.


There were lots of women in lace and others wearing large bows on their teased heads. There was even a man dressed as a priest.


(If you’re a Madonna super fan, you understand.)


But here’s the important thing: Madonna put on one of the most amazing shows we have ever seen.


She performed all the classics like Die Another Day, Holiday, Into the Groove, Papa Don’t Preach, La Isla Bonita, Lucky Star and Everybody alongside high-energy dancers and breathtaking backdrops.


The criticism Madonna has taken from TikTok is nothing more than ageist nonsense; she is in amazing shape and can out-perform people half her age.


Madonna still has a razor-sharp tongue and clings to the causes that have always been important to her like AIDS awareness and equality.


“One of the most controversial things I have ever done,” she told the sold-out crowd. “Is stick around.”


I’m glad Madonna stuck around long enough for us to get the chance to see her.

It was a performance I will never forget.


By the way, Madge is known for being tardy to the stage, so take a nap before you go.


The concert didn’t start until a little after 10:30 and ended just before 1 a.m., but it was worth it.







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